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About us

About us


We create personal memories to preserve treasured moments in our lives. We create dioramas - miniature replicas of real places we love and miss. A diorama is the best way to tell a story.

Reality and detail are very important in this art. Due to reality, dioramas have not only personal and sensitive but also artistic value, so creating dioramas is an art. Reality and all, even minor details, create the spirit of a place and a sense of presence. This feeling is very valuable for people and that is why our works are very sensitive for our customers.

A diorama can express any idea, history, concept, dream, so it can be a very creative decoration of a head office or a new branch, it is very useful for advertising purposes, it is a very creative gift for founders, partners, clients, etc.

Our work is not a standardised production of anything, it is a creative process of sharing emotions, story and attention to detail, so we are very reverent to our clients to make sure that their surprise or emotional idea is perfectly fulfilled. Therefore, we do our best to express our ideas in a perfect way. Our emotional work is therefore the result of just such a relationship, and the feedback from our customers is as exciting and inspiring as the creative process itself.

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